Take charge and be curious!

Do you wait for the feature to be delivered before testing or test a product when it is being developed?

If a Quality Assurance Analyst wants to contribute to quality, they can do more than testing a product when it is delivered. QAs have many other duties during software development. They know the product very well from regression testing. They are aware of the various test input data sets. They understand the changing business needs and the requirements. They facilitate in environment and data preparation. They challenge the architecture and analysis, coach developers and define acceptance criteria to check their delivered product effectively on standards.  A tester understands and contributes to the release and deployment mechanisms. Over all more than anyone ‘testers are aware of products’ risks’.

So, DO NOT under estimate your position in flagging risky feature developments! Contribute in delivering high quality products by participating right from the beginning.

Product Development Phase

How can a QA rise and shine?
Sprint Planning
  • Take part in sprint planning, challenge it
  • Provide feedback about testing timeline
  • Flag risky estimations.
  • Set  code completion day
  • Set code blitzing day
Product Design  
  • Understand the design needs and its alignment with legacy code
  • Test the design or do walk through with the developer
  • Ask the rationale behind their decision.
  • Ask for prototype completion estimate
  • Validate your testing checklist
Delivery (Local deployment)  
  • Test, test and automate test cases
  • Involve team in testing
  • Create clean bug reports
  • Verify bugs quickly
  • Update testing infrastructure
Staging Deployment  
  • Facilitate UAT
  • Prepare test results report
  • Flag NO GO releases
  • Become a virtual documentation of the product.
  • Stay enthusiastic

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