Components of a good bug report

A good bug report can improve over all communication of an Agile process. For e.g. A good bug report can help:

    • Managers in triaging bugs faster
    • Developers in reproducing the bugs faster
    • QA in verification of fixed bugs faster
    • Business Analyst in providing bug/feature clarification faster
    • Technical support in updating the customer about the open bugs faster

To submit a good report is quite tedious. It takes discipline experience and a solid checklist to write a good bug report every time a bug is found. Here is a quick checklist what a good bug report may contain: 

    • A summary/header
    • A clear description
    • Step by step recreation instructions
    • What error the steps produced
    • What were the actual results
    • Screen captures
    • Error and debugging logs
    • Setting a priority
    • Setting a critical status
    • Assigning the issue to the proper person or group
    • The area of the application/system where the issue was found.
    • The type of issue found
    • Linking to other relevant issues

And the list can go on depending on unique requirements of the company or application under test.

Author – Madhu Jain