Test Case Management Comparison

Every software testing project needs to be organised. And if you really want to be efficient some kind of system is needed to manage all the requirements and data. Once an excel spreadsheet becomes too much for your test team to manage, you may want to start looking into a Test Management Solution.

What is a complete Test Case? 

test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether an application or software system is working correctly or not. The mechanism for determining whether a software program or system has passed or failed such a test is known as validation of requirement or use case. Test cases are often referred to as test scripts, particularly when written. Written test cases are usually collected into test suites.

What is Test Case Management?

Test Case Management is maintaining the test cases with a process in a central storage medium.  This can involve version control of the individual test case, combining test cases to make test scripts and tracking test results against test cases which have been executed.

Here is brief comparison of various popular test case management softwares: